The RiverBrides
c/o john barry
woods drive
adams, ma 01220



SET TWO 1997  
Amer-Irish Set        

"all my friends are jealous and my enemies are scared"

1. Dublin Mary 2. Hey Kellie 3. A Bottle, A Prayer and a Tune 4. Molly 5. Truce 6. Eire Nua 7. Fables of Erin 8. Across The River Bride 9. Please Don't Let Me Down 10. An Irish Lynching 11. Kiss the Blarney Stone All Songs by John Barry Warning: These songs are nothing but fantasies. They are not to be taken as opinions, facts, reality or propaganda. jeb Dublin Mary Three times towards the blackened sea Call the others, set the coastal fires for the cold cold cold enemy Green eyed girl, watches the world Sink, pleading to gods and queens please remember, don't send her Mary watches, from the cliffs in the wind Mary launches, tears and prayers for the man she'll never see again Nights down a darkened road No moon rising, snow blinding Everyone knows ghosts don't show Sixty-three years, Mary stares Far away across the waves He married, long buried Mary watches...... Hey Kellie Hey Kellie, what would ya' say, if I said I wasn't leavin' I was gonna stay Hey Kellie, what would ya' do, if I swore off the cause gave it all away for you ooo...this Irish girl is one I'm gonna follow I may not make her happy today but I know I will tomorrow Hey what do ya' want from me? Give up this dream of Ireland being free Hey what do ya' think I should do? Should I sell my soul for an empty fortune? You've got my heart ain't that good enough for you? Hey Kellie, what would it take, for us to never see another senseless Irish wake Hey Kellie, who would believe, nothing's really changed after all these centuries ooo....this Irish girl is waiting by the door "stay or do yer' 'duty' it's yer' own choice boy" Hey what do...... Hey Kellie, what did ya' hear, of a price on my head, that I won't last the year Hey Kellie, do ya' think I should run, across the western ocean ooo...this irish girl is covered in black One more Irish boy is never comin' back A Bottle, A Prayer, And A Tune oh lay me down, it won't be long, for she has gone, away by the morning light, of October 5th, away, my darlin', away In a Yankee town, she sought her own To America, she flew And I be here, on the Belfast dole With a bottle, a prayer, and a tune Now across the ocean, the shinin' sea, is a land of fortune and gold but it holds something, more dear to me, the girl, I wait for years alone In a Yankee.... So listen once please but don't share yer' pity, one day she'll return, one day Til then I lie, in the alleys all night, and dream of her smilin' face Molly It wouldn't be good to be alone down past Falls road It wouldn't be good to be seen there don't like Catholic girls anywhere but all I really wanted was for her to be ok so why did she have to prove me right, this way Molly Oh, oh-oh, Did you see a girl Alone, oh-oh, waiting for me on this Road, she told me, everything would be alright but it's not, anymore I don't want to hear those sirens this isn't how it all should end Close my eyes to those flashing lights wake me up when everything's alright but all I really want is it to be anyone else I told her not to go alone, ah hell Molly Oh, oh-oh.... She was just a girl, not some god-damn rebel I don't think that you can tell me there was one good reason........ Oh, oh-oh.... Truce Everybody says we have to surrender, things are over no regrets Everybody says it's going to get better, and we can just forget The pain, the murder, for centuries now, under the thumb of the bastard crown I'm sorry, I can't believe the words again, I will not be gving in yet Lay down, your arms, means "I surrender" I see, no harm, one defender shall remain Everybody thinks the times are changing, everybody thinks everyone is Below the heights it still seems the same, maybe there's something that I missed This country, stolen, is not your own, to daily worship a bloody throne I'm sorry, I've heard this story too many times, a life time of English lies Lay down...... Don't lay down your arms, tonight, they'll never give up the fight Don't lay down your arms, wait, today's smile is tomorrow's hate Don't lay down your arms, pease, is not their history I can wait forever, until the last defender dies Don't lay down, don't lay down.....why aren't you listening Eire Nua Grandfather tell us that story again About the seasons, the sorrows the dead Please just remind them what's been is what's been Who was the hero that soiled the ground Touched by the blood of the Young 'gainst the Crown Where have they gotten in all of this now? Eire Nua This is not another, patriot song (X2) Grandfather where is your uniform now Worn with kid wisdom, stained by a vow You cry in your sleep and wonder out loud Grandfather where is the one you held close the one who wore your ring, one I'll never know Is she a reminder of blind rebel prose Eire Nua This is not another, patriot song Fables of Erin She only walks alone except in the shadows Only I, can bring her down somehow She tosses her hair, stares out the window Memories of fantasies and broken vows It seems it's not that far, into the future I will fall All, those nights, heard fables of Erin All those nights I heard (fables of Erin) She only breaths the ocean at the sandbar Only shoots false stars out of the sky empties her pockets on the bar for the last time Returns all the time I cast aside it wasn't long enough, I heard her say "hey that's just tough" Across The River Bride Will she wait for me, across the river Bride in the dim mist morning, she's on the wrong side Will she call for me, out in the Irish night will she find another, will she looks for signs Cause I sailin' to America, I can't stay here anymore And I promise that, I'll send for her, when i reach that New York shore Cause I've got to be, a better man, to do that colleen right And I can't forget, the nights I spent, across, the river Bride Will she wait for me, across the river Bride she's my only hope, for me to survive here Will she answer all those, letters, I said I'd write will she love another, leave me far behind Cause I'm sailin'........ Is she still waiting, across, the river Bride Sixty-five years apart, is she even alive Does she still wear, the silver charm I gave Does she still look for, letter, that never came Cause I've long gone to America, in these bars all sorrows drown And I promised that, I'd send for her, but my fortune I never found And I'm too ashamed, and far too late, to do it again right but if I could, I surely would, cross, the river Bride Please, Don't Let Me Down If, you knew, this darkness around me would, you come, would, you find me If, I fell, hurt, and drunken would, the morning, send me comfort or would there be no one still Once I'll ask, twice forsaken my, pride, is already taken The streets, the cold, a worn gray overcoat friends, (huh) I don't, believe I have any she won't send them my way Please, don't let me down don't let me down, and I'll be OK Please, don't let me down one time be around, one time stay oh, god. somebody talk to me peace, hope, love is all I need I'm, so, tired of emptiness I've had enough, must, I beg again no sir not me Please....... A wink, in the eye, lost, so long ago regrets, a million, I told you so's Just one, can, only know this how, huge, is loneliness oh this is good-bye An Irish Lynching Just got the news today they're, gonna take me out of here I swear I tried everything But time just catches up with crazy boys and old bad luck It doesn't make it any easier on you I know I made it so easy, the wrong place the wrong time The hardest part is never seeing you again Wish I could call, wish I could write, but we both know better Some things somebody just wouldn't understand What can you tell a man, lost amid a greater plan Is this the justice they believed when they wrote down Don't blame the IRA, don't say it's cause of hate And don't place my face on martyr corner poles and walls I never said I did a thing they say, I didn't do Anything but what was right in their eyes Of my father, of my friend, of my countrymen But in yours I saw all that I really lose Kiss The Blarney Stone Still alive in '75, bet you nver saw the idols cry Hide down the lane, shoot from the hip, ah could it get much worse than this I thought of going to America, things seem so much freer over there Nobody tells me what to do, I don't need England I don't mean you English dogs, Irish whores, go to hell leave my Ireland alone You can kiss my ass or the Blarney Stone Get out go home leave my Ireland alone Kneecapped, in '84, so now I don't ever answer the door I run the press for the underground, sulk in the pubs for the voice I'll know I thought of sailing to America, where it's easy to die for not a cause It seems the same here now, whatever happened to fighting the crown English dogs..... September 5th, everything changed in Londonderry, they said it was the wrong time the wrong place Pledged a vow, that's lost somehow, the cause they hide in cowardice My daughter would've been five yesterday, now I can hardly remember her face I'm off to America, I'll take my chances on a Brooklyn Ave Fuck the cause I don't care, god not if the children aren't spared English dogs, Irish whores, it's gone to hell Ireland's got no hope You can kiss my ass or the Blarney Stone I don't care any more, Ireland's on her own