Michael and Margaret (Higgins)Powers circa 1865


Michael Powers, (circa 1885), the first Powers to come to America around 1859. Husband of Margaret (Higgins) Powers.
Here is a photo of all four of the original Powers brothers,sons of the above Michael and Margaret. Edward (my mother's grandfather)- Michael Jr. - Patrick Thomas
Edmund...Mary...Edward...John...wife Sarah Tracy... circa 1917
Margaret Powers circa 1915

Here is a photo of what appears to be Michael Jr's wedding to Mary J. O'Malley.
                        1899 Worcester, Massachusetts

The people we know so far.... -Second from far right in the rocking chair - Margaret (Higgins) Powers -The women on the far right, next to Magaret. Possibly her sister, Mary (Higgins)Gangley. -Woman to the left of Margaret Higgins - Mary Powers -Seated in left center facing to the right - Bridget, the man on her right and just a hair below should be Richard Paul Keefe -Large man directly behind Richard Keefe's head - Michael Powers -Second man to the right of Michael but behind - Patrick Powers -First man standing to the left of the left most priest - Edward Powers -The man behind the man on the far left very front - Thomas Powers -The woman holding the animal in the crotch of the tree - Margaret Powers -The woman in front of Thomas but slightly to his right - Julia "Dodo" Powers -Fourth women from left, front row sitting - Possible Sarah Tracy

L-R: Bridget Anastasia Powers, Julia "Dodo" Powers, Mary Jane Powers, Nellie Raymond, Margaret Powers standing in back. Old Orchard Beach c. 1895- 1900 All the Powers girls are sisters of the above four Powers men


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