The Powers Family of Westfield-Worcester, Massachusetts

Edward P.Powers -Memorial Day 1940-
Sarah (Tracy) Powers -Memorial Day 1940-

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                               JOHN E. BARRY Jr.
                             -Web Page Creator-Researcher-
                            b. Jan 31, 1960 North Adams, MA
                             d. I'm not dead yet!!!
                  sibs- Lynn (Barry)Morris, Elizabeth (Barry)Durant
                            Kathleen (Barry)Smith

JOHN E. BARRY------------------------------------------ ELAINE PATRICIA (POWERS) BARRY
See BARRY FAMILY PAGE                                    b. Oct 2, 1934 Westfield, MA
                                                          married: Oct 1956
                                                          -secretary , clerk 
                                                         sibs- Robert Garvey Powers, Sarah
                                                         (Sally) K. Nordin


b. 1908    Worcester, MA                                                      b. Feb 1, 1910 Worcester, MA
-Insurance Agent, John Hancock                                             - Registered nurse, Noble Hospital, Westfield
d.  Nov 6, 1965                                                                     d. Sept. 26, 1991
sibs- Mary (Sis. Mary Laetitia)                                              sibs-Daniel (Edward),Mrs.Helen Donohue, Agnes,                                                                                                                    
John F.       !                                                                            Catherine, Mrs.Theresa (Nora)McKeon    
              !-----------!                                           --PARENTS--                           !
                          !                                                                                 !            
EDWARD P.POWERS-----------!-----------SARAH W. (TRACY)                                                      !
b.Jul 20, 1868 Broadhook, Conn                  b. 1875 Keen, New Hampshire                                 !
-machinist, toolmaker                            -schoolteacher, homemaker                                  !
Wickwire-Spencer Co. Greendale, MA                                                                          !
-Spanish-American War Vet                                                                                   !
d. Nov 16, 1957 Worcester                         d. March 29, 1960 Worcester                               !
sibs- Michael, Mary, Julia,                      sibs- Mary,Ella,John, Mousignor James,                     !
  Margaret, Patrick, Bridget,Thomas              Father Fred                                                !
                                                             --PARENTS--      !
                                          JOHN D. GARVEY----------------------!-------------CATHERINE (MANNIX) GARVEY-KELLY
                                            b. APRIL 15, 1873  Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland        b. Oct 1871 Co. Kerry, Ireland d. Dec. 25, 1937
                                             -Arrrived in Boston, MA,May 7, 1890                    re-married- William J. Kelly, Worcester, MA
                                           -R.R laborer, Street Railway foreman                     sibs: John, Daniel, Annie of Ireland 
                                             d. Aug 22, 1914                                         Ellen "Nellie" Enman, Nora Secor, Bridget Daley                  
                                                        !                                            Mary Sullivan                  
                                                        !                                                                    !
                                      Daniel & Catherine (Mahoney)                     PATRICK MANNIX & JULIA (O'SULLIVAN) MANNIX of Co.Kerry, Ireland
                                      bros: Maurice, Dennis, Patrick of Ireland                                              Married Feb 14, 1865
                    MARTIN & CATHERINE M.(KELLY) TRACY, of Ireland, 
                      b.Nov , 1849 Milford, MA
                      d. June 2, 1931
                      -Employeed as a driver,salesman
                       Labor leader, headed Credit Union
                      Sibs: Thomas, Winifred, Magaret, John,
                            Patrick, Bridget.
                       -came to U.S.1854
                       -weaver in Keene.
                       -Married about 1874, lived in Keene, New Hampshire
                       -Moved to Worcester, MA about 1878.  
                        d.March 17, 1933
                        sibs- John E., Anna M. (??)

 -Parents of Edward Powers-                                JOHN & SARAH KELLY
-Farmer                                                        -Parents of Catherine Kelly-
-Came to Connecticut About 1861                                 John: laborer
-Michael's whereabouts unknown in 1898, Margaret                 b. about 1814 d.???
living in Worcester, MA                                          Sarah: housewife
Michael                                                           b. about 1820 d.???
b. about 1835.                                                      
Margaret                                                       THOMAS & MAGARET 
                                                                 -Parents of Martin-
b. Jan. 1840, Ireland                                    THOMAS: b. 1826 Ireland
-came to U.S. in 1855                                            d. November 30, 1905
sibs- Mrs. MARY GANGLEY                                          farmer, large property owner
d. August 5, 1924                                                in Milford, MA  
                                                             Father: Thomas         
                                                       MAGARET: b. 1826 Ireland         
                                                           d. June 11, 1875      

Bob and Elaine
Easter 1944

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